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secure COFDM wireless links

Wireless CCTV

As the IPM2 is a network centric wireless device it allows for easy connection to routers and other network devices. IP cameras can be connected directly to the IPM2 unit. Several IP cameras/Video encoders can be connected  to the mesh network.

The IPM2 can be used to wirelessly connect a number of rapidly deployable PTZ IP cameras around a location/facility.  These cameras can then be connected through an IP backbone to the viewing centre.  

Performance and capabilities

The same radio can be used for the UGV, OCU and repeater so can be easily swapped out or interchanged with each other.


As the link is IP and bi-directional the PTZ camera can be viewed and controlled over an IP network.

Unmanned Systems

The IPM2 is ideal for use as both the video payload and control links of UGVs.  Low latency  coupled with the COFDM's ability to mitigate multipath effects allows UGVs to be operated in NLOS environments.

Megapixel PTZ cameras with Integrated IPM2 OEM Module

Due to it's small size the IPM2 OEM module is ideal for integration with PTZ megapixel IP CCTV cameras.  The IPM2 unit enables cameras to be wirelessly connected and controlled remotely.


The IPM2 can be used in the UK on the unlicenced 1394MHz band thus avoiding overcrowding on the 2.4GHz band.  Also, the proprietary protocol and AES security features ensure  privacy.

IP Backhaul


The IPM2 unit can be used in numerous security related applications including covert surveillance and "hides".  The "hide-and-sleep" feature allows a covert system to be setup and then activated remotely when required.

Streaming IP Video

Camera PTZ Control

First Responder

IPM2units are currently being used by some of the UKs

fire and rescue services to provide thermal imaging video feeds from the tender's aerial platform back to the Incident Commander.